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Durga Puja 2018
  • Annual Durgotsav (The Biggest socio-cultural event of the year)
  • Annual Basant Panchami Utsav
  • Annual Cultural Fest (Comprising of artists from Kolkata-Bangladesh and also from within Australia)
  • Bengali New Year celebration (Poila Boishakh)
  • Running an informative and innovative website to help all new migrants, especially Bengali, to settle well in Melbourne
  • Running a Bengali school, initially online, for our kids to learn Bangla 'bhasha', 'sahitya', 'sanskriti' and 'oitijjhyo'
  • Annual Bengali Magazine and Periodical Newsletters
  • Annual excursion (inland and overseas)
  • Socially useful and productive work amongst the greater Australian Society. (Events in the greater Australian community, focussing on multi-cultural diversity, to get involved in fund-raising activities for relief or some noble cause) 

To promote harmony and integrity through cultural and social activities, open to all who have interest in Bengali culture, language, literature and heritage.

To organize cultural events, festivals and social useful and productive activities,

To provide a forum for exchange of ideas and views, with various national and international associations/organizations with similar interest.


Finally, we did it !!!! Birds of the same feather, have now flocked together!!

After a long wait, on the auspicious day of the Bengali New Year (14 April 2012; Poila Boishakh 1419), we have come up with a fresh new and youthful community organization for Bengalis, living in and around Melbourne. We endeavour to offer a platform to anyone from the community who wants to do something new, innovative and creatively recreational.

This organization will not only have all the ingredients and flavours of the 21st century global Bengali but also the exuberance of our inner values, traditions, history and culture. We are eager to welcome you to Bengali Society of Melbourne, "your" own community organization, for fun filled cultural and social activities which echoes the essence of Bengal.

We are committed to sustaining and promoting the Bengali culture and heritage of this modern era and those of the past supporting the society we live in and reinforcing our future generation with meaningful values. After all, we are incomplete without us, which includes you on either side of the boat :)

However, a few things we will be focussing on to create a healthy and positive environment within the organisation. They are:-

'PNPC', Megalomania, Negative Ego, Monopoly, Petty Politics - OUT

Smile, Genuine Passion, Creativity, Unity - IN


BSM Team

BSM Executive Committee 
2020 - 2021


President: Tapas Barman (0401513800)
Vice President: Anup Singha (0403617375)
Secretary & Public Relation Officer (PRO): Kartik Barman (0431429013)
Treasurer: Subhagata Saha (0413811354)
Cultural Secretary: Zhumur Sarker (0421480312)


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